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What your sleeping position says about you

It often happens that our unconscious behavior reveals a lot of things about us. One such behavior is our sleep. If you’re someone who is habitual of sleeping in a particular position and lose out on sleep if slept in any other position, don’t worry, you are not the only one. However, your sleeping position speaks a lot about you. Here is a list, we have compiled of most common sleeping positions, and what they say about you.

#1 Sleeping freefall.

If you are a person who sleeps on your stomach with your hands tucked under your pillow then you’re a freefall sleeper. Freefall sleepers generally have open, gregarious and a playful yet welcoming personality. 

However, at times you could be really sensitive.

#2 The Fetal Position

If you sleep in the fetal position you’re most likely to have a tough exterior , but are very shy and sensitive on the inside and tend to overthink unnecessarily.

They also feel the need to be protected and sympathized with.


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