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    Card Against Humanity purchases vacant plot to Prevent Trump from building the Wall

    Many people are familiar with the party game “Cards Against Humanity”, as they describe it themselves as the “party game for horrible people”. CAH is known for their crazy marketing campaigns but this time, they may have done something seemingly not so horrible. Everyone around the globe knows about The President of the United States, […]

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    Disney Couples that apparently Didn’t Live Happily Ever After

    1. Jane and Tarzan via Collegehumor’s Artist: Paul Westover 2. Beast and Belle via Collegehumor’s Artist: Paul Westover 3. Jasmine and Aladdin via Collegehumor’s Artist: Paul Westover 4. Eric and Ariel via Collegehumor’s Artist: Paul Westover 5. John Smith and Pocahontas via Collegehumor’s Artist: Paul Westover (Source:  

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    10 Documentaries That Are As Scary Or Scarier Than Any Horror Movie Made In Hollywood

    1. “The Nightmare” (2015) Rodney Ascher’s terrifying film explores the topic of sleep paralysis, and the twisted inner workings of the human brain. 2. “There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane” (2011) HBODocs From the title, we obviously know that there’s something wrong with Aunt Diane, but you don’t know the depths of it. The film […]

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    This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Dressed As Themselves for Halloween

    1. Prestige Pocahontas Women’s Costume Via: A few more dangly tassels never hurt anyone, right? via: 2. Deluxe Belle Women’s Costume Via: Let’s throw some extra flowers on there, ‘cause yeah, why not? via: 3. Deluxe Jasmine Women’s Costume Via: I think we all knew those pants needed some extra […]

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    Pennywise Eats a Baby in IT Deleted Scene

    IT had a scene that was just too disturbing to make it to the big screen, and it’s not the young teen orgy scene that you’re thinking of. The movie is now the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time as well as the highest earning Stephen King adaptation and the fastest grossing movie for […]